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Borrowing Money For E-2 Visa

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Borrowing Money For E-2 Visa


Can I borrow money from family or friends for an E-2 investment? Is a Loan Agreement Required if the Loan is from Family or Friends?

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An E-2 investment visa allows some foreign nationals to run a business in the United States. They must own at least 50% of the company, invest a significant portion of their personal funds, and intend to develop and direct the company in the United States. More information on the E-2 visa criteria can be found here.


One of the key conditions of the E-2 investor visa is that the applicant invest a significant amount of personal capital in order to start the firm. The investor must demonstrate that their own money are committed and at risk in a commercial sense, which means that if the business fails, the investor may lose their funds. The investor must also show that the money for this considerable investment are lawful, which means that they are not the result of illicit conduct.


Many of our prior clients used gifts or loans to fund their investment. If the funds are a gift or a loan, the investor must still submit evidence to substantiate the source of the gift or loan. For example, if the investor receives a gift from a family member and the gift is derived from a property sale, the investor would provide a signed gift letter, a copy of the Purchase/Sale agreement, proof of the family member receiving the funds from the property sale, and proof of the family member transferring the funds to the investor.


Loans are also an acceptable source of money for E-2 investment, with the proviso that they cannot be secured by the E-2 business’s assets. Loans secured by the investor’s own assets and unsecured loans are both permissible by law, while certain Consulates have a less favorable view of unsecured loans, which can be riskier. When applying for a loan from a bank, the signed loan agreement describing the loan terms and security is frequently all that is required. When an investor obtains a loan from a family member or friend, the arrangement may be more informal than when obtaining a loan from a bank, thus candidates may inquire whether a written loan agreement is required. Yes, a written agreement signed by both parties outlining the loan parameters such as the repayment term, interest rate, security, and what would happen in the event of a default is required. The lender must also give the applicant with evidence proving that the provided monies are lawful and not from a criminal source.




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