DS-160 For E-2 Visa Explained

DS-160 For E-2 Visa Explained

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DS-160 For E-2 Visa Explained

Form DS-160, also known as the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, is used to request temporary U.S. visas and E-2 visas. 

You will be required to provide personal and family information, as well as your passport number. Need general information on the E-2 procedure? Immiggreat provides personalized assistance and is your partner throughout the E-2 application process.

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As completing the DS-160 is a crucial stage in the visa application process, it is essential to understand what is anticipated. This guide will teach you:

  • How the DS-160 form is used
  • Who must fill out Form DS-160?
  • How to complete the Form DS-160
  • What occurs after filing Form DS-160
  • What is the filing fee for Form DS-160?

The DS-160 is used to apply for nonimmigrant visas, which are required for temporary entry into the United States. If you wish to relocate permanently, a green card is required.

What is the DS-160 form?

Form DS-160, commonly known as the Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, is a form you would complete electronically while applying for a temporary visa to visit the United States, such as a tourist or TN visa, or an E-2 visa.

Officials at the U.S. embassy or consulate closest to you will evaluate your visa application based on the information you give and an in-person interview. Therefore, it is essential to complete Form DS-160 as precisely and precisely as possible.

Who must fill out Form DS-160?

Form DS-160 must be completed and submitted by anyone who intends to visit the United States on a temporary visa or who is traveling to the United States on an E-2.

Each visitor, including children, must have a separate DS-160. If the applicant is under the age of 16 or physically unable to complete the form, a third party can assist them. This individual must be recognized on the “Sign and Submit” portion of Form DS-160.

If you wish to move to the United States permanently on a visa other than E-2, you must apply for a green card. Immiggreat transforms the essential government forms for your green card application into simple questions you can answer online in less than two hours for a flat fee. In addition, an independent immigration attorney will analyze your documents and answer any questions. Click here to find out if you are eligible for a green card.

Form DS-160 must be completed and filed electronically. There is no hard copy available. You can view a sample Form DS-160 for preparation purposes, but you must complete the form online.

What documentation and data are required for Form DS-160?

To complete Form DS-160, you will need your passport and trip itinerary, as well as any national ID number issued by your home country, your Social Security Number or U.S. Taxpayer ID, if you have one, and any other documentation required by the United States. Additionally, you will need access to your travel and career history, as well as basic biographical information about your family and traveling companions.

You can save your progress while completing Form DS-160 and return to it later as long as you submit the form within 30 days. You can also store your DS-160 to the hard drive of your computer and upload it again when you are ready to go.

You will also need a recent photograph that complies with U.S. government specifications and is digitally stored on the computer you will use to complete the form. Don’t worry if you don’t have all of these documents on hand! The good news is that you can begin your application immediately as you acquire the necessary documentation.

Getting started

To complete Form DS-160, you must first select the place where your visa application will be submitted. If you must travel suddenly while your application is pending, you will be able to schedule your interview at whatever embassy or consulate is most convenient, even if it’s at a different location than the one you initially selected.

On the subsequent page, your Application ID will be displayed. Additionally, you will be required to answer a security question. Together, these credentials will allow you to regain access to your application in the future.

Your Application ID is also located in the top right corner of each page of the DS-160. You can retrieve your Application ID online if you forget it by answering your security question.

Remember that the Form DS-160 you’ve saved will only be accessible for 30 days. If you require additional time, you may download your DS-160 to your computer and re-upload it at a later time.

Now, let’s go through each section of Form DS-160.

PART I: Personal Details

In the first section of Form DS-160, you will submit your name, date of birth, and marital status.

Additionally, you will be required to provide your nationality, passport or national identification number(s), and, if applicable, your U.S. social security number or taxpayer identification number.

PART II: Travel Details

In this area, you will describe your travel arrangements, including the reason for your journey to the United States, your arrival and departure dates, and your U.S. residence address. You can mention projected dates in the absence of precise plans.

PART 3: Travel Companions

Here, you can provide information about anyone traveling with you. This may include family members, friends, or members of a tour group. You are not required to include coworkers in your travel party. In either case, remember that each traveler requires their own Form DS-160.

PART 4: Previous U.S. Travel

You will then be asked if you have already visited the United States. If you have, please include dates and specifics.

You must also specify whether or not you have ever been denied a U.S. visa or filed an immigrant petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

PART 5:Address and Telephone Number

Simply insert your current address, telephone number, and email address in this section. If desired, you may specify an alternative mailing address.

Additionally, you will be required to name every social media accounts you’ve used in the past five years. You do not need to disclose passwords, but you should mention all “handles” or user IDs you’ve used on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This is a recent addition to the DS-160; USCIS officers are now obligated to analyze your social media activities as part of the application screening process.

PART 6: Passport Details

This page requires you to enter your passport details. You may be required to provide a “Passport Book Number,” often known as a “inventory control number.” If your country does not issue passports with this number, indicate “Does Not Apply” in this field.

You will also be questioned whether your passport has ever been lost or stolen. If you have, you must provide additional information.

PART 7: U.S. Contact Point

In this section, you will list a U.S.-based individual who is familiar with you and can verify your identity. Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone in the United States; simply provide the name of any business or organization you plan to visit during your trip.

PART 8: Relatives

Next, you will submit basic information about your parents. You may also be required to supply information on family members who are currently residing in the United States.

If you are married, your spouse’s name, date of birth, nationality, and home address will also be required.

PART 9:Employment, Education, and Training

In this part, you will list your occupation, educational background, and employment history over the past five years.

In addition, you will be asked about your travel history, any specialized skills you possess, and any military, charitable, or professional organizations you have belonged to.

PART 10: Security and Background Details

Here, you will respond “yes” or “no” to 25 security and background questions. Be sure to read these questions attentively and answer them with care, as errors here could negatively impact your application.

PART 11: Candidate Photograph

You must provide a photo of yourself that meets the requirements of the U.S. Department of State. Once the photo has been uploaded, you will be able to alter its dimensions and crop it to meet the requirements.

The photo you upload with your DS-160 application is not an acceptable substitute for the passport-style photo necessary for many visa applications. You must bring a printed photograph with you to your visa interview.


Almost done! You must now evaluate the complete application. This is your final opportunity to verify the accuracy of your responses. You will next be requested to identify your location so that your application can be sent to the relevant embassy or consulate of the United States. You will then be required to review the terms and conditions before submitting the form.

Click “next” after submitting the form to view your official confirmation page. You must print and present the confirmation page to consular officials during your interview.

What occurs after filing Form DS-160

After submitting Form DS-160, the confirmation page must be printed. This will be necessary when you interview at an embassy or consulate of the United States. If you neglected to print the confirmation page after completing DS-160, you can log in again using your Application ID and security question to print it.

The appropriate embassy or consulate will next process your Form DS-160. Consult your local embassy or consulate for scheduling information on your visa interview. You must bring your DS-160 confirmation sheet and any additional forms or documentation required for your specific visa to your interview.

You may always check the progress of your DS-160 application by visiting the website of the United States Department of State.

What is the filing fee for Form DS-160?

There is no filing cost for Form DS-160.

You must still pay the fees associated with the visa for which you are seeking. The charge for the majority of nonimmigrant visas that are not petition-based, such as tourist, business, and TN visas, is $160. The fee for petition-based visas is normally $190. Be sure to examine whether fees apply to your individual case, as these fees vary depending on the type of visa.

Interview with your local U.S. Embassy is the final stage.

If you are applying solely for travel, you will need to create an account on the website of your local U.S. embassy. If you are applying for E-2 purposes, you will also need to create an account at the embassy, but it is not the same interview and we will assist you through it!

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