E-2 Treaty Countries

E-2 Treaty Countries

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E-2 Treaty Countries

Treaty Countries List For E-1, E-2 & E-3.

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Country Classification Entered into Force

Albania E-2 January 4, 1998

Argentina E-1 December 20, 1854

Argentina E-2 December 20, 1854

Armenia E-2 March 29, 1996

Australia E-1 December 16, 1991

Australia E-2 December 27, 1991

Australia  E-3 September 2, 2005

Austria E-1 May 27, 1931

Austria E-2 May 27, 1931

Azerbaijan E-2 August 2, 2001

Bahrain E-2 May 30, 2001

Bangladesh E-2 July 25, 1989

Belgium E-1 October 3, 1963

Belgium E-2 October 3, 1963

Bolivia E-1 November 09, 1862

Bolivia  E-2 June 6, 2001

Bosnia and Herzegovina  E-1 November 15, 1982

Bosnia and Herzegovina  E-2 November 15, 1982

Brunei E-1 July 11, 1853

Bulgaria E-2 June 2, 1954

Cameroon E-2 April 6, 1989

Canada E-1 January 1, 1994

Canada E-2 January 1, 1994

Chile E-1 January 1, 2004

Chile E-2 January 1, 2004

China (Taiwan) 1 E-1 November 30, 1948

China (Taiwan) 1 E-2 November 30, 1948

Colombia E-1 June 10, 1948

Colombia E-2 June 10, 1948

Congo (Brazzaville) E-2 August 13, 1994

Congo (Kinshasa) E-2 July 28, 1989

Costa Rica E-1 May 26, 1852

Costa Rica E-2 May 26, 1852

Croatia E-1 November 15, 1982

Croatia E-2 November 15, 1982

Czech Republic E-2 January 1, 1993

Denmark E-1 July 30, 1961

Denmark E-2 December 10, 2008

Ecuador E-2 May 11, 1997

Egypt E-2 June 27, 1992

Estonia E-1 May 22, 1926

Estonia E-2 February 16, 1997

Ethiopia E-1 October 8, 1953

Ethiopia E-2 October 8, 1953

Finland E-1 August 10, 1934

Finland E-2 December 1, 1992

France E-1 December 21, 1960

France E-2 December 21, 1960

Georgia E-2 August 17, 1997

Germany E-1 July 14, 1956

Germany E-2 July 14, 1956

Greece E-1 October 13, 1954

Grenada E-2 March 3, 1989

Honduras E-1 July 19, 1928

Honduras E-2 July 19, 1928

Ireland E-1 September 14, 1950

Ireland E-2 November 18, 1992

Israel  E-1 April 3, 1954

Israel  E-2 May 1, 2019

Italy E-1 July 26, 1949

Italy E-2 July 26, 1949

Jamaica E-2 March 7, 1997

Japan E-1 October 30, 1953

Japan E-2 October 30, 1953

Jordan E-1 December 17, 2001

Jordan E-2 December 17, 2001

Kazakhstan E-2 January 12, 1994

Korea (South) E-1 November 7, 1957

Korea (South) E-2 November 7, 1957

Kosovo  E-1 November 15, 1882

Kosovo  E-2 November 15, 1882

Kyrgyzstan E-2 January 12, 1994

Latvia E-1 July 25, 1928

Latvia E-2 December 26, 1996

Liberia E-1 November 21, 1939

Liberia E-2 November 21, 1939

Lithuania E-2 November 22, 2001

Luxembourg E-1 March 28, 1963

Luxembourg E-2 March 28, 1963

Macedonia  E-1 November 15, 1982

Macedonia  E-2 November 15, 1982

Mexico E-1 January 1, 1994

Mexico E-2 January 1, 1994

Moldova E-2 November 25, 1994

Mongolia E-2 January 1, 1997

Montenegro E-1 November 15, 1882

Montenegro  E-2 November 15, 1882

Morocco E-2 May 29, 1991

Netherlands E-1 December 5, 1957

Netherlands E-2 December 5, 1957

New Zealand  E1 June 10, 2019

New Zealand  E2 June 10, 2019

Norway E-1 January 18, 1928

Norway E-2 January 18, 1928

Oman E-1 June 11, 1960

Oman E-2 June 11, 1960

Pakistan E-1 February 12, 1961

Pakistan E-2 February 12, 1961

Panama E-2 May 30, 1991

Paraguay E-1 March 07, 1860

Paraguay E-2 March 07, 1860

Philippines E-1 September 6, 1955

Philippines E-2 September 6, 1955

Poland E-1 August 6, 1994

Poland E-2 August 6, 1994

Romania E-2 January 15, 1994

Senegal E-2 October 25, 1990

Serbia E-1 November 15,1882

Serbia  E-2 November 15,1882

Singapore E-1 January 1, 2004

Singapore E-2 January 1, 2004

Slovak Republic 2 E-2 January 1, 1993

Slovenia E-1 November 15, 1982

Slovenia E-2 November 15, 1982

Spain E-1 April 14, 1903

Spain E-2 April 14, 1903

Sri Lanka E-2 May 1, 1993

Suriname E-1 February 10, 1963

Suriname E-2 February 10, 1963

Sweden E-1 February 20, 1992

Sweden E-2 February 20, 1992

Switzerland E-1 November 08, 1855

Switzerland E-2 November 08, 1855

Thailand E-1 June 8, 1968

Thailand E-2 June 8, 1968

Togo E-1 February 5, 1967

Togo E-2 February 5, 1967

Trinidad & Tobago E-2 December 26, 1996

Tunisia E-2 February 7, 1993

Turkey E-1 February 15, 1933

Turkey E-2 May 18, 1990

Ukraine E-2 November 16, 1996

United Kingdom  E-1 July 03, 1815

United Kingdom  E-2 July 03, 1815

Yugoslavia  E-1 November 15, 1882

Yugoslavia  E-2 November 15, 1882

Countries Specifications:

Footnotes for Each Country

Taiwan (China) – According to Section 6 of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), Public Law 96-8, 93 Stat. 14, and Executive Order 12143, 44 F.R. 37191, this agreement, which was reached with Taiwan authorities prior to January 1, 1979, is administered on a nongovernmental basis by the American Institute in Taiwan, a nonprofit District of Columbia corporation, and does not constitute recognition of Taiwan authorities or the continuation of any official relationship with Taiwan.

Czech Republic and Slovak Republic – On December 19, 1992, the Treaty with the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic entered into force; on January 1, 1993, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic entered into force as distinct states.

Denmark – The Treaty of Copenhagen, which came into force on July 30, 1961, does not apply to Greenland.

France – The Treaty of Paris, which entered into force on December 21, 1960, applies to Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, and Reunion.

Japan – The Treaty of Peace and Friendship, which entered into force on October 30, 1953, was extended to the Bonin Islands on June 26, 1968, and the Ryukyu Islands on May 15, 1972.

Netherlands – Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles are covered by the Treaty, which entered into force on December 5, 1957.

Norway – The Treaty of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which entered into force on September 13, 1932, does not apply to Svalbard (Spitzbergen and certain lesser islands).

Spain – The Treaty of Versailles, which entered into force on April 14, 1903, applies to all regions.

Suriname – On February 10, 1963, the Treaty with the Netherlands, which entered into force on December 5, 1957, was rendered applicable to Suriname.

The Convention, which entered into force on July 3, 1815, relates limited to British territory in Europe (the British Isles (excluding the Republic of Ireland), the Channel Islands, and Gibraltar) and “inhabitants” of such territory. The Convention defines this term as “one who resides actually and permanently in a certain place and has his domicile there.” Furthermore, in order to qualify for treaty trader or treaty investor status under this treaty, the foreigner must be a British national. Individuals with the nationality of a Commonwealth member other than the United Kingdom are not eligible for treaty trader or treaty investor status under this treaty.

Yugoslavia – The United States believes that the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) has dissolved and that the SFRY’s successors – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Kosovo – are still bound by the treaty in force with the SFRY and the time of dissolution.

The E-3 visa is for Commonwealth of Australia nationals who want to enter the United States to work in a “specialty occupation.” The term “specialty occupation” refers to a job that requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of highly specialized knowledge, as well as a bachelor’s or higher degree in the specific specialty (or its equivalent) as a prerequisite for entry into the occupation in the United States. The definition is the same as that of an H-1B speciality profession under the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Bolivia – Bolivian nationals who had qualified investments in the United States by June 10, 2012 are still eligible for E-2 status until June 10, 2022. Applicants coming to the United States to engage in E-2 activity in furtherance of covered investments established or acquired prior to June 10, 2012 are the only Bolivian nationals who may qualify for E-2 visas at this time (other than those qualifying for derivative status based on a familial relationship to an E-2 principal alien).

Ecuadorian nationals who have qualifying investments in the United States by May 18, 2018 were eligible for E-2 status until May 18, 2028. Other than those qualifying for derivative status based on a familial relationship to an E-2 principal alien, the only Ecuadorian nationals who may qualify for E-2 visas at this time are those coming to the United States to engage in E-2 activity in furtherance of covered investments established or acquired prior to May 18, 2018.

Israel: The United States and Israel signed a treaty of friendship, commerce, and navigation on April 3, 1954, which granted Israeli nationals E-1 status for treaty trader purposes. Under the treaty, Israeli nationals are not eligible for E-2 categorization as treaty investors. Public Law 112-130 (June 8, 2012) grants Israeli nationals E-2 status for treaty investment purposes provided the Israeli government grants equivalent nonimmigrant status to US nationals. The Department of State has certified that Israel provides reciprocal treaty investor treatment to US citizens, and E-2 visas may be awarded to Israeli citizens commencing May 1, 2019.

New Zealand: Public Law 115-226, enacted on August 1, 2018, granted E-1 and E-2 status to New Zealand nationals for treaty trader/treaty investor purposes if the Government of New Zealand grants comparable nonimmigrant status to US persons. The Department of State has certified that New Zealand provides identical nonimmigrant status to US citizens, and E visas may be given to New Zealand citizens commencing June 10, 2019.




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